Whats on my mind!!!!

My school Crabapple Middle uses a point system called PBIS and it’s a way of rewarding us for behaving like being on time to class, being respectful, etc. I have 506 points right now. By the end of tomorrow I need to have 544 for some rewards. Some of my teachers are behind on recording points so I should have enough if I behave tomorrow. If I have a perfect day I can get 40 points. Hopefully I get all my points tomorrow!!! The house we are building on Fowler is coming together fast! We already have the cement down today! We should be finished in about a year. I will have a nice room with a bathroom and a nice view of the back and front yard. In between my room and my sisters room we have a recreation room. My dad calls it the study and libary area. But I dont think he knows what is going on. That will be my amazing xbox , playstation, hangout, and Fun time room!!!!!!!!I can’t wait until the house is done!

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