What’s up what’s up how’s the quarantine going. For me I’ve been pretty bored lately. I’ve sneaked out to the skatepark twice now but we might have to stop so we don’t get in trouble. I’ve been playing games a lot online with friends and that’s pretty fun because I can still talk to them. Well I’m not sure how much longer I can handle quarantine but I hope I survive the corona.

Ayyyyy, I got a new phone, the XR. I’m super thankful for my dad and mom for letting me get one. My old phone broke because at soccer practice someone stepped on it during water break. It’s so broken the screen as a huge black spot. Well now with my XR I have some cool features like Face ID, no home button, Animoji and more. Bye bye!!!


Tonight i got home from my snowboarding trip super happy. But when my Mom and sister got home from North Carolina they told me that our first and oldest dog Riggy had died. I was told he passed away peacefully with my other dog chai by his side. I’m glad he had a good 17 years of life and my 13 years so far have been amazing with him.


I had a basketball game yesterday, and it was the last game before the playoffs. We won the game by 2. The score was 20 – 18. I had 3 shots and two of them were close and the other I air balled. I played really well defensively. I was guarding their best player the whole game and probably stopped him from scoring at least 6 points. When ever we had a time out or something my team was saying how well I was guarding him. People were saying “Ya you locked up 45!”. Which had me laughing a bunch. We are tied for second seed I think and the first place seed is undefeated. I believe we are 6 and 2. I hope to win the rest of my games!

This week

Tomorrow my mom is leaving to go to seattle. So I will be home with my dad and my sister. I have been playing a lot of this video game lately called Counter Strike: Global Offense (CS:GO). Its a first person shooter, and its very popular, at least it used to be. In a competitive game, there’s two teams, the terrorist and the counter terrorist. The terrorist are trying to plant the bomb in either two sites on the map or kill all the counter terrorist using guns and grenades. The counter terrorist are trying to defuse the bomb from which ever site the bomb is planted at or kill all of the terrorist. Oh yeah each team has five players. So I have been trying to get better at the game by practicing, and just trying to use different guns. My dad says I can’t play any video games until next week but we will see about that. Also since I got back from Mexico I have been kind of behind on school but I should be taking my tests this week so I can catch up.

End of semester

I just finished the last day of the first semester and I’m so excited for everything coming up such as christmas, mexico, our new house that we are building, and mostly my birthday! We will be in mexico on my birthday so that should be a lot of fun. The last day of school today wasn’t very fun it was just exciting though. We went to a party which i thought would be fun but ended up being a 2 hour party in the gym which was so hot. Also the rest of the time we were using our laptops but my was dead so I was watching a friend the whole day except we would switch off sometimes or he would let me play when he was doing something else. After school I went to canton with my friends to hang out. Then I watched elf the movie which is my favorite christmas movie of all time. So that leads up until now.

Parents are away so all play!

My parents went to Los Vegas so I am staying with my friend and his family. We have to take care of our dogs to and they have been settiling in well so that’s good. Also I only have school Monday Wensday and Thursday and then my parents come home that night then I have school again. I don’t have school Tuesday because of voting. I can’t wait to see my parents again!

Week with Dad

This week my mom was gone to washington state for work, so i had a week with my dad and sister. Dad has been very nice letting me get up early to play fortnite, doing fun stuff after school, letting me play fortnite when i get home from school, getting ice cream and he even said we can go biking tomorrow. Also my mom comes home tomorrow and I can’t wait to see her.

Whats on my mind!!!!

My school Crabapple Middle uses a point system called PBIS and it’s a way of rewarding us for behaving like being on time to class, being respectful, etc. I have 506 points right now. By the end of tomorrow I need to have 544 for some rewards. Some of my teachers are behind on recording points so I should have enough if I behave tomorrow. If I have a perfect day I can get 40 points. Hopefully I get all my points tomorrow!!! The house we are building on Fowler is coming together fast! We already have the cement down today! We should be finished in about a year. I will have a nice room with a bathroom and a nice view of the back and front yard. In between my room and my sisters room we have a recreation room. My dad calls it the study and libary area. But I dont think he knows what is going on. That will be my amazing xbox , playstation, hangout, and Fun time room!!!!!!!!I can’t wait until the house is done!

Back to schoool!!!

I started middle school at crabapple middle school a.k.a. cms. I love my new school cms. It’s so much better than elementary school. I have more freedom and i acually sort of look forward to school. I love all my teachers and started playing piano. I dont have a lot of my friends in my classes but it doesnt matter i can still seee them sometimes!