I will be starting middle school this year and i am kinda nervous. But think i will do fine. I ordered a cool nike backpack for the school year which should be big enough i hope for my school stuff. I went to the skatepark today and had a awesome time with my dad. The skatepark i went to is in the middle of no where and in a big open space. the park was super fun and had a lot of flow. I did this transfer where there was a ramp on one level and next to it on a lower lever on the left was a down ramp. I went off the upper level ramp down onto the lower lever ramp. It is very hard to explain but it was pretty cool. Then I went to have lunch with my dad and I had a sprite and chili. After lunch we headed back home and I played Ps4 Black ops 3 one of my favorite games right now with my friend brenden and his little brother evan. Now we are cooking dinner and I am going to skate oin my backyard halfpipe.

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