How dads can be very confusing

Hello as you can tell by the title I will be talking about how confusing my dad can be. First of all he is very unfair between me and my sister. My sister is 2 years older than me but he never punishes her when she does something bad. But every once in a while she will lose her phone for like 2 days. But that is nothing compared to what he just did to me. The only thing I did was I was playing a little too much on the computer and now I can only use my computer on the weekends which is so unfair when my sister is watching Netflix from when she gets home from school to after her bedtime! But she never gets punished even though she is behind on a bunch of her school work. But I on the other hand am doing amazing right now but i have my computer being taken away. another thing that my dad just told me was that the skateramp I got for christmas we aren’t taking to our new house! But over all right now I feel like my dad is being hard on me but not sophia my sister. So dad if you are reading this think about what you do!

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