hello world

i went to a party the other day for a chilli cook off and it was pretty fun. I’ve been pretty bored around the house and for that reason im trying to convince my parents to get a one wheel because my dad said he would if he got a job on canton street and he did but no one wheel for me and im trying to get a skateramp in our backyard so i have something i really love to do right in my backyard i can do by my self at any time. I am excited to build our new house because i hope i will have a big room with a pool i was promised in the backyard. I have made some friends. writing in school is very hard for me and i have it for 2 hours a day first thing when i get to school. next year i will be somewhere else at crabapple where my sister goes to school. I don’t want to go because of how bad she says it is. I hope i can do a two day a week school or homeschool because crabapple sounds awful. See ya next time in julians not so paradise.

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