Hello Dad

Hi dad its me julian, I’m feeling frustrated at school and here at home. Lets start with school. Im in the fifth grade now and its tough. Reading and Writing is my least favorite and then comes Science and Social studies. Then lets not forget about my favorite subject MATH. Reading and writing is tough because I’m in advanced and its really hard, I have a hard enough time finishing essays and projects and Reading my book, but to put the icing on top I have a homework packet each week due friday that i get first thing I get to school monday. Lets move on to Science and Social studies, I have homework due the next day usually and isn’t that bad. But sometimes i feel like I’m gonna die. The work i do in class is ¬†pretty easy going but sometimes i feel i didn’t know what I’m doing and i will to bad on a test or quiz. right now I’m doing electricity and magnets. Now lets talk math, same thing i get homework most every week thats then due friday. I feel i am a little advanced sometimes but also we do fun stuff like jeopardy and math quizes online at a website called quizezz.com.

Now lets talk home. I wish i could live back on bainbridge but I’m starting to like it here now. I miss the pool above our house and i miss all my friends. I miss the workers at island cool i could talk to and sometimes help behind the counter and every once in a while get a free sample. I miss sitting in the lifeguard chair at the pool, i miss hanging out with the lifeguards in the life guard room and the workers in the snack shack. I miss riding my bike to lytle beach and skipping rocks into the puget sound. I miss soccer at school and riding the bus. I miss the last day at before the pool closed and i could put all the lifeguard noodles or as i liked to call them Twizzlers like the candy, but i got to put the all the Twizzlers in the pool and play with all my friends and have a chicken fight. I miss riding my skateboard to the pool everyday when i wake up and playing pingpong with the lifeguards. I never won but thats beside the point. Here i feel i have nothing to do but take a bike ride or play on the computer. Now that you took away a game that i loved to play on steam i feel even more bored. Now that you work at dell and every saturday night at the restaurant, i feel bored and with mom working a job again after 2 years I feel extremely bored so i get on the computer. I need more to do around here when your not home.

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  1. Dear Julian,

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what you wrote. It felt like the words were just pouring out of you and as I read, it filled me with a deep sense of emotion. And not just me. Mom too. We get what you’re going thru. We really do. Your warm memories of pool life & Twizzlers back on Bainbridge in contrast to the harsh reality of Math and me taking away your STEAM game definitely hit home. We get what you’re going through. And for what it’s worth, we think you’re doing great! You’ve got a wonderful spirit dear son and while your patience and progress will sometimes be tested, you are strong and resilient and good things are going to come your way I know. We have so much pride and faith in you!

    Mom and Dad

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