image Today was really fun. We went to go see the one of the most famous statue’s in the world, it was created Micheal Angelo. I also got to get a charcoal picture of myself done. It turned out really good. When we got back to the apartment, we got to meet one of Lucas’s friends and his Mom. They went to the park but Julia and I stayed home, we were super tired from walking so much. And we couldn’t make much conversation because they didn’t know much English. Today  is sadly our last day in Florence, next we are going to Milan. So far  Florence has been my favorite place we’ve been so far. It has a lot of cool things to see and has been a really great experience.

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  1. I love it when you post Sophia. And so crazy that you’ve seen statues of David in real life. I just looked him up on the Internet and he sure is impressive 🙂
    I zoomed in on your photo and those look like new Italian sandals fit for a goddess! Love you!

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