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Mom has been in North Carolina so it has been just me, Julian, and Dad. It’s been super fun. We played ping pong in the garage, and I even got him to play volleyball with me! We watched Coraline. But I got a little freaked out towards the end and said I was to tired to finish it even though it was only 9.

The Life Of Bainbridge Island

This has been an eventful summer. First Italy, then North Carolina, then aunt Shay, then the Adele concert, then Adrienne, then Canada, and in two days I will be in LA with my best friend for her birthday. I have been babysitting our Neighbor McKenna a lot to pay for a phone. Yesterday we found the perfect phone on Craigslist and we are meeting the lady who is selling the phone on Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited! I want to say thank you to my AMAZING Dad for finding this phone for me!!! You are the best Dad ever!

The Life Of Bainbridge

Today I stayed home with Dad and Julian while Aunt Shay and Mom drove around exploring. Julian wanted to go to the skatepark, while he skated, Dad and I hungout and listened to music. For lunch we went to Via Rosa. I got a meatball sandwich, Julian got a pepperoni pizza, and dad got a house salad and ravioli. They accidentally made 2 house salads for us so we just gave the extra one to the person sitting next to us. When we got home, Dad and I took a bike ride to Fort Ward. When we got home I watched some TV, and then went up to the pool. I played dad in ping pong, and then swam and shot some baskets in the new basketball hoop.


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I am in Venice! It is beautiful here. There are no cars here, so you just get around by walking or taking a boat. Because the water is rising about an inch and a half per year, soon Venice will be completely underwater. We are in Venice with Nolno and Laura (the Ruggieri’s grandparents). Nolno lived in Venice for three years so he knows his way around very well. It is easy to get lost in Venice. It is like a labyrinth. So we are glad to have him to guide us. This is our last stop in Italy. I have had such a good time and this had been an amazing expeirience. I am so exited to see my grandparents in North Carolina and to see my Dad in a week!


Today we came to Milan. We were picked up by Paulo’s Dad and his wife at the airport. They dropped us off at Paulo’s Mom’s house and we ate dinner with a bunch of other people. We had pesto pasta and meat pasta. I liked the pesto. I had 4 servings of pasta. I was full. But I didn’t know that there was 2 other servings. So I just skipped the rest and had dessert. I had pistachio, stratiatella, and hezelnut ice cream. It was delicious! We stayed up and talked for a while and then went to bed. By the time we all fell asleep it was around 1:30! We had a really fun day.

image Today was really fun. We went to go see the one of the most famous statue’s in the world, it was created Micheal Angelo. I also got to get a charcoal picture of myself done. It turned out really good. When we got back to the apartment, we got to meet one of Lucas’s friends and his Mom. They went to the park but Julia and I stayed home, we were super tired from walking so much. And we couldn’t make much conversation because they didn’t know much English. Today  is sadly our last day in Florence, next we are going to Milan. So far  Florence has been my favorite place we’ve been so far. It has a lot of cool things to see and has been a really great experience.


I had an amazing time in Capri! We had a lot of gelato! And we played soccer with other Italian kids. They were a lot better than us. We also took a boat ride along the Mediterranean Sea. We were gonna go to the Grotto that day but it was a two hour wait! So we decided just to wake up early the next day so we can do the Grotto. We had to enter the Grotto in little row boats because the entrance is too small for the motor boats that we took. People have gotten stuck in the Grotto for hours because the tide came in while they were inside of the Grotto. Thankfully we didn’t! But I am sad because we are leaving Capri today. We get to take a two hour train to Florence!