weekend recap

Was a really nice weekend all around. Played pickleball a couple times at a new indoor club I joined. They have 14 courts of open play ranging from all skill levels. I’d say I’m a solid intermediate. My dad could probably hang with the advanced. He plays tournaments at 77 years old. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s even starting another company at his age. But that’s a story for another post.

Back to my weekend, one of our local breweries has this annual thing they do called the Sleddy Yeti. They freeze over the big hill outside their establishment, snow it all in somehow, and turn it into a giant tubing run in the middle of Roswell. The more serious revelers bundle up in 80s garb or outrageous ski clothes, drink a bunch of hot toddy’s and let her rip. Julian even worked it for a few hours and was stationed at the base of the run helping kids (and drunk adults) up out of the tubes and onto their feet. And in case anyone’s wondering, yes, yours truly gleefully took a run for Jules to catch me.

Another highlight was talking to Sophia last night. She’s doing well but needs more mobility. We agree the time has come to focus on getting her license and a car of her own. Sounds like the first DMV appointment she could get is in mid March so less than a month away. I told her I’d come to town and go with her for it. Will be really impactful to support her, buy her her first car, and cherish the important steps she’s making toward adulthood.

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