What’s up what’s up how’s the quarantine going. For me I’ve been pretty bored lately. I’ve sneaked out to the skatepark twice now but we might have to stop so we don’t get in trouble. I’ve been playing games a lot online with friends and that’s pretty fun because I can still talk to them. Well I’m not sure how much longer I can handle quarantine but I hope I survive the corona.


Shit really started to hit the fan about a month ago. And as the weeks pass, it feels like the shit particles just keep swirling around and around. Uncle Joe died in Long Island. Probably infected Aunt Marsha as well. Adam is home from Ghana but quarantined in LA with Dad and Irene. Justin is probably overly paranoid but he likely saw this coming faster than anyone else did. I’m still doing my thing. Riding my bike. Sipping beer in the cemetery. Doing my best to love on Steph and put decent food on the table for the kids.

Europe trip

Steph and I leave for Europe in a few days. 10 day trip thru Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and three cities in Spain. The last EU trip we took just the two of us was when we got engaged in France almost 20 years ago. Which has a backstory all its own I won’t get into.

While we’re not renewing our vows so to speak, this adventure comes at a good time. What with the house and the kids and work and all, it’s important to take a break and focus on us. Love you 😍 Steph.

Ayyyyy, I got a new phone, the XR. I’m super thankful for my dad and mom for letting me get one. My old phone broke because at soccer practice someone stepped on it during water break. It’s so broken the screen as a huge black spot. Well now with my XR I have some cool features like Face ID, no home button, Animoji and more. Bye bye!!!


I don’t know where to start but Sophia has been the bane of our existence lately. I’m trying to be level headed about it all but she’s pushing boundaries and testing our resolve more than I ever thought our little girl would. Not going to get into details and I have to imagine she’ll grow out of it, but suffice to say it feels like 15 is going to be a rough patch in our relationship.