podcast about time

Steph forwarded me a podcast she was affected by which was about the brevity of time we have with loved ones. Basically the narrator said that it’s kind of like an ice cube. It melts fast. And diffuses into an amorphous puddle.
I think I’ve always realized this. Maybe in part why I journal. Snippets of life with me and my pieces. I can definitely be more present though. More intentional. To show up and bring more of my best self for others. I want to make it a priority to be there. I don’t want to regret not being there. So here I am. Publicly stating I’m gonna make damn good use of time with my loved ones this year.

Practice makes perfect

May the 4th ‘be with you’ fell on a Saturday. I woke up feeling strong with the ‘force’ and embarked on a great day around town. Yoga. Coffee. Bike ride. Pretty much the usual but the routine practice is ever changing . My meditation was broken when Steph invited me to play pickleball with the Ruggieri clan. Jules forgot to bring my shoes so I had to play barefoot. Making me even more one with the court. Afterwards we made plans for dinner (party of 9) at the Italian place, Zuzzu. I biked over after tennis to get us reservations since I know the owner, Luigi. We ended up with a great table and a delicious meal and Paolo graciously picked up the entire tab.

Then came the 5th. El cinco. I had a quiet morning watching TV and resetting our outdoor furniture. We just had our entire fence stained black along with a sealant for the concrete pavers and stone surrounding the pool. The end result was transformative. Another architectural home run by Steph and her chosen contractor. Steph went to church with a friend while I stayed home. Brewed some coffee, picked some weeds, turned on some music. Remy and I took a walk and by the time afternoon rolled around, I was spent. Just in time for margaritas with neighbor Paul.

let the good times roll

things have been going really well lately. Generally positive across the board; in life, with the kids, Steph, homes, job, family, even fitness. Obviously war and famine is raging in other parts of the world. I don’t want to dismiss the horrendous plight of so many others for whom the sound of bombs is a daily reality. Closer to home, the impact of things like Covid, 9/11, Trump and other history making events can of course rock my world. But for today, and for this whole year thru, my little slice of life, and for my Reese’s pieces too, things have been going really, really well.


I flew to Dallas and bought a car sight unseen for Sophia! Was a little nervous about it but I vetted and negotiated everything up front. The sales guy and dealership turned out to be great. So, with temporary tag applied and insurance all squared away, I drove the 3.5 hours to Austin and met her at the gym where she works out. I had her coach in on the surprise who even filmed me walking in. Such a memorable and momentous occasion. Sophia told me later she held back tears. Timing couldn’t be better as she actually starts her new job today! We had a delicious Mexican dinner to celebrate and met up early this morning for breakfast before she drove me to the airport. What a difference a year makes.

taylor swift

tay-tay came out with her 11th album called Tortured Poets Department. I’m no music critic, but, like all her stuff, it’s pretty darn catchy, even for a fifty something like me. I started a playlist based off one of her songs and I got other artists like Beyoncé, Lorde, Billie Eilish and Harry Styles. In the same vein, it also served up Lana Del Rey who I really like. And SZA (pronounced scizza). The artists may have changed but the power of pop is still the same. Long gone are the days spent listening to Seal on my beloved Walkman. But you can still find me aimlessly walking around, tuning out the world, grooving to the stars of today on my equally beloved noise cancelling AirPods.


About to go to a funeral for a friend named Jason. We weren’t all that tight but we traveled in some of the same circles. He was the lead singer in a cover band that played local gigs on occasion. Then, one day at the record store, he said he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Soon after he started a Facebook group, called “Jason Hates Cancer”, so we could follow along with his journey. It lasted close to 2 years and the process wasn’t pretty. He was the same age as me.

His girlfriend’s parents flew in for the service and we hosted them in our guest suite above the garage. A small way to show support and I know she appreciated it.

Rest in Peace fellow Jason.