We did it!

Cruise to Alaska and cross country drive across the lower 48 complete! It took exactly 2 weeks and 1 day but at long last, we’ve landed back ‘home’ in Georgia!

Our stuff arrived via the U-pack trailer this afternoon. (In horrific fashion but I’m not even going to go there). Riggy went right back to his old stomping ground to bark at the cat next door. Chai didn’t eat and clearly doesn’t know what to make of it all just yet. For that matter neither does Steph. She’ll sleep at Bethany’s again tonight whilst I get more of the trailer unpacked tomorrow. Thankfully the kids are still in NC having a blast at mamoo and papoos. For me, it’s been a bit back breaking. So it’s lamb chops for dinner at Bistro VG.

Foreign, bewildering and stressful as this all has been, I feel positively affirmed it’ll end up being the right move for us.

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