Dear ____,

As you may be aware, Dell has completed the largest tech merger in history with EMC and is forging ahead under the mantra of sweeping IT Transformation. While promise and possibilities abound for our collective 140,000 employees, I’d be naive to think change won’t be abrupt and dispassionate. It’s an opportune time for me to proactively explore career moves outside the org. As a valued confidant, I am asking for your consideration in terms of ideas, networking orĀ opportunities that you think I may be a fit for.

I’d like to align with an executive career trajectory in sales or service operations within the technology sector. I thrive on relationship development and possess innate customer advocacy skills. Driven by a passion for change management, collaboration and revenue growth, I am highly effective at distilling complex data into actionable business intelligence.

I appreciate your time. For continued dialogue, I can be reached at or via my personal contact info below.

Warm regards,

Jason Reese

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