Today we went touring. We went to the Coloseum, the Vatican City, and the Spanish Steps. We also got to go to a Mass. The first place we went to go see was the Coloseum, the 2nd most visited sight in Italy. At the Coloseum people fought against people for entertainment, or animals that hadn’t been fed for weeks were put in the Coloseum with people. The match wasn’t over until one of the men (or animal) dies. After the Coloseum we went to the Vatican City. The Vatican is the smallest country in the world. Only about 800 people live there. The Pope lives there. The Vatican has many famous paintings and statues. The last place we went to was the Spanish Steps. The Spanish steps are the widest steps in Italy. A lost if artists go there for inspiration. And it’s nice just to sit down. In 2007, a drunk man drove his car down the Spanish Steps. Other than the steps being chipped, nothing was hurt. The man was arrested. It was a very long day. We started at 9:00 and ended at 5:00.

2 thoughts on “Touring”

  1. Phi –

    Great to read about what you’ve been doing so far. Sure doesn’t sound like being ‘on stage’ in the Colosseum would have be much fun.

    Are you over your jet lag? Time zone changes sure are hard to get used to — we’re getting ready for dinner and hopefully you’re sleeping — it’s 3:30 am there.

    Have a wonderful time in Italy. We can’t wait for you and Bella to come visit with us.

    Nana and Papa

    1. Hi Nana and Papa! It has been super hard to get used to the time zone! So I’ve been having to get used to be 9 hours ahead of Bainbridge time! But Rome was super fun! We got to see a lot of cool things.
      I am super exited to see you in August! And I know Bella is too. It’s going to be so fun!

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