The Life Of Bainbridge Island

This has been an eventful summer. First Italy, then North Carolina, then aunt Shay,¬†then the Adele concert, then Adrienne, then Canada, and in two days I will be in LA with my best friend for her birthday. I have been babysitting our Neighbor McKenna a lot to pay for a phone.¬†Yesterday we found the perfect phone on Craigslist and we are meeting the lady who is selling the phone on Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited! I want to say thank you to my AMAZING Dad for finding this phone for me!!! You are the best Dad ever!

2 thoughts on “The Life Of Bainbridge Island”

  1. I also want to say, for the record, that you earned and contributed $100 cash toward this phone thru some well earned babysitting for which you were paid $5 an hour. I’m proud of you

  2. I love you so much Sophia. Have tons of fun with your new phone in LA! thanks for waking up so early this morn so we could see each other off.

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