Today we arrived at Italy. We had to take an overnight flight, and I couldn’t sleep. So I just watched a bunch of movies. But as soon as we got to the apartment I fell asleep on the bed. Our first stop in Italy is Rome. Rome is nothing like I imagined. I thought it would be a very clean and fancy place. But it was the opposite. There are a lot of people called Gypsies who beg for money. It is very dirty and everyone had a cigarette in their hand. But the food was amazing! I had penne pasta with vodka sauce. But I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I finished about half of my pasta and then was full. Tommorow we are going I see the Vatican City. I am super exited. But we have to wake up very early for our tour.

2 thoughts on “Rome”

  1. sophia
    I loved your first blog…I will be reading every day…love you. Your dad is with me and we’re gonna get it all worked out for you. love, zu and jason and otis

  2. Love that your eyes are bigger than your stomach Phi! And love how first impressions of foreign places can be so eye opening….i can’t imagine what you must be seeing out there!

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