This week

Tomorrow my mom is leaving to go to seattle. So I will be home with my dad and my sister. I have been playing a lot of this video game lately called Counter Strike: Global Offense (CS:GO). Its a first person shooter, and its very popular, at least it used to be. In a competitive game, there’s two teams, the terrorist and the counter terrorist. The terrorist are trying to plant the bomb in either two sites on the map or kill all the counter terrorist using guns and grenades. The counter terrorist are trying to defuse the bomb from which ever site the bomb is planted at or kill all of the terrorist. Oh yeah each team has five players. So I have been trying to get better at the game by practicing, and just trying to use different guns. My dad says I can’t play any video games until next week but we will see about that. Also since I got back from Mexico I have been kind of behind on school but I should be taking my tests this week so I can catch up.

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