me vs bird

Spring must be coming. The birds are back with a vengeance. Nothing frightened me more as a child than Hitchcocks’s, “The Birds”. That and maybe Stephen King’s movie “Christine”. Or “Carrie”. Man those movies got under your skin back in the day.

Anyway, back to the birds, we’ve got this long covered breezeway running down the length of our house. And every spring the birds make their nests in the warm, tight spaces in the rafters on top of our exposed light housings.

And every year it’s the same shit. Bird shit that is. 💩 They poop up and down the entire length of our corridor. It’s embarrassing. And I can’t stand cleaning it. Something has to be done.

Last year I resorted to spiky metal strips and fake plastic snakes. Neither made a difference. Only served to slice my fingers and scare me shitless when I would later stumble on the snakes I haphazardly threw in the yard.

This year I vow to box them out for good. The saga of man vs bird continues…

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