In Florence and left Capri

I was in Capri for three days and I was at a beach for a while and I jumped off a rock with my friends. I’m in Florence And I taught my friends how to play Texas Hold ‘Em. And we went to the top of a big mountain. The scenery was beautiful. We took a motor boat ride around the island of Capri. Then, we hopped onto a rowboat into the Blue Grotto. The Grotto is a cave that the Roman king Tiberius swam in. In fact, there used to be a secret passage from the king’s castle to the cave, but now it’s filled with rocks.

One thought on “In Florence and left Capri”

  1. Wow, Julian. That sounds amazing! You wrote the description of the grotto with enough detail that I could picture it in my mind. Are people allowed to go swimming there now? It’s our last full day of school today. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures.
    -Ms. Claesson

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