Done deal

Spoke to HR today.

I don’t think it could’ve been easier. Or more generous. So basically two months in advance, I now know I’ll be leaving in mid Jan 2017 and I’ll get the following package as I’m walked out the door.

2 wks courtesy pay. 10 wks base severance. And 5 weeks for my 5 yr tenure. ( i’ll be just shy of my 6 yr mark which they cannot bridge).

I’ll also get my regular Q4 MBO payout and my initial 25% vesting of the cash incentive reward I received back in Aug.

My two weeks of accrued vacation will not be paid out so it’s a use it or lose it scenario.

HR applauded the way I’m dealing with this and confirmed my sense that corporate led exits will never be this generous going forward.

I’m as emotionally and financially prepared as I’ll ever be and i’ve got a solid head start with a number of interviews.

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