image imageCavi is so far my favorite place I have been so far! It was nice to take a break from all the history. The hotel we stayed in was cool because there was a whole cafeteria where they serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There was also a bar area where you can order drinks and small snacks. There was a beach about a minute away from our hotel. When we got to Cavi, the waves were huge and really dangerous so we didn’t swim. But the second day we bought boogie boards and got to swim. The next day was awesome. The waves were even bigger than the first day! Because it was our last day in Cavi and we wanted some more beach time, so we decided to get wet but stay on the sand. But because the waves were so big, if you got close enough, the waves would hit your back and push you forward. One time I actually flew up in the air! It was so fun!

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