Focus on your vitality to the org, not the tasks.

“…. responsible for the rhythm of the business”

“…set standards for reconciliation between complex, disparate accounting systems”

“…executive support and template creation for quarterly business reviews”

“…advanced modeling for predicting forecast accuracy within a billion dollar division with over 250 specialty sales people”

“…IT program Mgmt in scaling SFDC to construct a 7 layer sales hierarchy”


Use social media to follow, learn and leverage.

Paint a picture of opportunity for yourself within current Dept/org but hint at the obvious fact that a recently merged 140,000 person org will clearly not move at the pace or laser focus that you aspire to.

Be proactive and exploratory.

What else? Don’t just jump. Lots of stuff will open up come next year. Either internally or not. You’re in a position of strength. So I’d suggest we keep our eyes on our current jobs, be receptive to new dynamics, but simultaneously see what other industries/bosses/locales might lend an ideal combination for your next move.

If they ask about comp, I’d just say you make six figures and are often the recipient of additional R&R type bonuses to further compensate for your invaluable contributions to the biz.

Hope this helps.


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