Zu and Otis

Our dear friend Zu’s dachshund was run over by a car just the other day. The dogs name was Otis. Her neighbor hit him as he ran into the road. He died instantly in front of Zu’s house.

I’m hearing all this 3rd hand. From Zu’s dear friend Austin thru to Steph thru to me.

Otis was everything to Zu. He’s how we met Zu to begin with. They ran into each other on the street. Jewish islander with a wire haired runs into Steph and our pair of weird wieners. The bond was formed instantly.

I drove to Zu’s house on Crystal Springs this morning. A couple days had passed so I hoped she’d be somewhat ok. I didn’t bring anything. I just figured I’d hug her. Unannounced, I knocked on the door. She answered. I hugged her.

Otis Horowitz : 2012 – 2016


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