Practice makes perfect

May the 4th ‘be with you’ fell on a Saturday. I woke up feeling strong with the ‘force’ and embarked on a great day around town. Yoga. Coffee. Bike ride. Pretty much the usual but the routine practice is ever changing . My meditation was broken when Steph invited me to play pickleball with the Ruggieri clan. Jules forgot to bring my shoes so I had to play barefoot. Making me even more one with the court. Afterwards we made plans for dinner (party of 9) at the Italian place, Zuzzu. I biked over after tennis to get us reservations since I know the owner, Luigi. We ended up with a great table and a delicious meal and Paolo graciously picked up the entire tab.

Then came the 5th. El cinco. I had a quiet morning watching TV and resetting our outdoor furniture. We just had our entire fence stained black along with a sealant for the concrete pavers and stone surrounding the pool. The end result was transformative. Another architectural home run by Steph and her chosen contractor. Steph went to church with a friend while I stayed home. Brewed some coffee, picked some weeds, turned on some music. Remy and I took a walk and by the time afternoon rolled around, I was spent. Just in time for margaritas with neighbor Paul.

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