Sophia wants us to get matching tattoos when she comes to town. It’s not as spontaneous as it sounds. She’s been subtly pushing for this ever since I put the carrot out there that I’d do it if she stayed sober a year. Well…she’s lived up to her end of the bargain. I guess it’s high time I overcome over my own fears and get my ink on so to speak. The good thing is we already know what we’re going to get. Ever since she was young, Sophia has held on to sweet memories of me reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull to her. The simple but poignant story of a less than aerodynamic bird taking flight to his full potential. It’s full of symbolism and resonates at any age. Captured within are a number of beautiful black and white photographs of gull silhouettes streaking across the sky. That’s the image we’re going for.

I’m still nervous about it. No idea where I’d even put the thing. But I found a reputable place and we can decide more when she gets here.

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