Catching up

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote. Not that I haven’t been writing. It’s just been primarily focused on crafting interview follow up emails. Thank you for your time and consideration and the like. Which gets a little repetitive though I try hard to make myself stand out.

No major developments of which to speak. And now that it’s mid-December, the likelihood of anything materializing before the New Year is slim. But my spirits are high, Steph has been fully supportive, and I remain optimistic that things will pan out.

Our Thanksgiving trip to Portland was a blast. And today I’m heading off to NorCal to hang with Frank. The snow report doesn’t look great but we’ve got a free cabin in Tahoe and it’ll be refreshing just to be on the slopes. Once I get back, the kids are out of school for Winter break and they are already begging for me to take them skiing too.

On Christmas day, Steph and the kids will be leaving for North Carolina. I elected to hang back. Both to keep costs down and just because I need to be here and present to finish out the year at work. My boss will be in town as well and sounds like he’s making dinner plans to wish me well and thank me for my service.

All in all, I’m thankful for this season in life. We have our tree up and decorations out. It reminds me how rich we are in love and how blessed we are in spirit. We are happy, healthy and centered as a family.

I have some time yet to figure out my resolution for the New Year but one aspect I know will be to keep writing.

For now….Jason out

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