Biking Weekend

Did a lot of bike riding this weekend.

On Saturday I went from our house to the Bainbridge ferry, across the West Seattle bridge and along the Alki trail to the beach. It was a shimmering day in the PNW with a ton of boats and activity on the water. I took my shirt off and for a stretch there it felt like I was back in Southern California cruising along the strand.

On Sunday I opted for a different kind of experience. I went to Port Gamble and rented a mountain bike at the Olympic Outdoor Center with dual shocks in front and back. I put the bike in my car and drove to nearby Stottlemeyer where single tracks intertwine with service roads in a 4,000 acre expanse of trails. I had never ridden a bike like that before nor pushed myself on any technical terrain. Grooving to music, trail map in hand, I was careful to check myself before wrecking myself.

I’ll have to take Steph and the kids when they get back.

One thought on “Biking Weekend”

  1. When we get back we have to do that Port Gamble ride together! It sounds like your having a lot of fun! Don’t have too much without us.

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