April fools

Sophia called while I was walking around Grayton Beach. I knew she was heading to San Antonio to try for her drivers license exam, for the 3rd time! The first two times she didn’t even get behind the wheel as they wouldn’t accept her residency documentation. So there was a lot riding on this, especially as a friend drove her the two hours away from Austin to even make this happen.
Before I could even ask…
“Dad. I didn’t pass”, she said.
Right away I felt myself growing disheartened. I just can’t help myself. I didn’t know what to say.
“What did you do wrong?”, I asked.
“A lot”, she exclaimed. “I forgot to turn on my blinker. And they got me speeding.”.
My god I’m thinking. This girl is never gonna get her license. I sit there in this thought for a moment and then she hits me with it.

“April Fools!!”

Good one Phi. And congrats on the license. Watch out Texas!

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