Weekend top 10

End of another fun weekend. Kinda too much to put in sentence form so I’ll list.

  1. Went to Seattle pride parade and the Mariners game on Sunday  (in the Bank of America suite no less!)
  2. picked up Sophia’s hamster “Reggie”, from Bella, cleaned his cage and let him run around in his ball
  3. had Beau (Bella’s dad) and some of his friends over to my house on sat night
  4. Saturday morning heated yoga with music
  5. Fixing moms playlist on her totally outdated iPod nano (red). As a treat, I bought her a new one. (Gold). I engraved it
  6. Sharing some blue bubbles (champagne) with Bainbridge friends by the pool
  7. bike riding along the Seattle coastline via Elliot Bay trail and Olympic Sculpture park
  8. wine tasting on island and meeting tourists from around the country
  9. Crouching tiger hidden alien
  10. A good nights sleep

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