I will be starting middle school this year and i am kinda nervous. But think i will do fine. I ordered a cool nike backpack for the school year which should be big enough i hope for my school stuff. I went to the skatepark today and had a awesome time with my dad. The skatepark i went to is in the middle of no where and in a big open space. the park was super fun and had a lot of flow. I did this transfer where there was a ramp on one level and next to it on a lower lever on the left was a down ramp. I went off the upper level ramp down onto the lower lever ramp. It is very hard to explain but it was pretty cool. Then I went to have lunch with my dad and I had a sprite and chili. After lunch we headed back home and I played Ps4 Black ops 3 one of my favorite games right now with my friend brenden and his little brother evan. Now we are cooking dinner and I am going to skate oin my backyard halfpipe.


My dads friend Frank got a PS4 and he didnt use it much. So he decided to send it to my family to use. We got it a week ago and we just set it up tonight. I played a baseball game and a race car driving game. I liked the race car driving a lot more. My Dad said we will get some more games from Gamestop that we pick out. I am very thankful he sent us this and cant wait to see Frank again.

How dads can be very confusing

Hello as you can tell by the title I will be talking about how confusing my dad can be. First of all he is very unfair between me and my sister. My sister is 2 years older than me but he never punishes her when she does something bad. But every once in a while she will lose her phone for like 2 days. But that is nothing compared to what he just did to me. The only thing I did was I was playing a little too much on the computer and now I can only use my computer on the weekends which is so unfair when my sister is watching Netflix from when she gets home from school to after her bedtime! But she never gets punished even though she is behind on a bunch of her school work. But I on the other hand am doing amazing right now but i have my computer being taken away. another thing that my dad just told me was that the skateramp I got for christmas we aren’t taking to our new house! But over all right now I feel like my dad is being hard on me but not sophia my sister. So dad if you are reading this think about what you do!


Hi… I have recently became in love with a popular game called Fortnite. Its a game where you are on this island and there are 100 other players that you are trying to kill and be the last one standing. You do this by collecting materials to build and loot to defend yourself and fight. Everybody at school plays this game but on the xbox. I play on the computer so I cant play with my friends. After we got rid of the xbox 360 which was really old my dad said he would get me and my sister a new one but obiously he didnt keep that promise. I have had a lot of time to play fortnite this week because my mom is out of town but gets home tonight. I cant wait to see her and show her my skills on fortnite!


Ive been very busy with guitar and soccer starting again and I’ve had some resent tests at school. I have something called Digital Learning which is where we do school online at home. Im very confused why we are doing this maybe to see what homeschool would be like i don’t know. Back to guitar though, I have wrote notes for a my first guitar solo. I will start recording next lesson. Now back to soccer. I had my first game on Saturday we won 4 to 1. I had practice tonight as well and we were not focused at all, we were talking and dancing. Our coach decided to let us get rest and be ready to play on Wednesday.  I hope this week goes well!!!!!!!!

Tybee Island Trip

I had a 5th grade trip to Tybee Island which is a 4h camp. We were there for 2 nights so we learned a lot. My group of kids was a good group and my cabin was good as well. My dad was the chaperone so that was cool that he took off work to be with me. We learned so much there like there are 2 tides and they come in and out 4 times a day. We also learned about animals like turtles and alligators and snakes. We even got to hold the snake. My favorite animal was the baby alligator but I also liked the baby turtle which had little black spots on his white skin. While we were there somebody in our group had a cold and I got it. So im staying home today with a fever and cough.

New House

Hello there its Julian. I am getting our floors redone in the kitchen because our last customer who lived in our house got a new dishwasher but the guy that hooked it up forgot to attach something so we have all this dishwasher water in our floors and we got black mold. We found a house nearby to stay at for a month while the floors get redone. I have the worst room in the house I don’t have access to a closet, I don’t have a desk, I have 2 twin beds, and no dresser. I like everything else about the house though. I am going to ride the bus home so I have a 40 minute bus ride with people I dont know very well. Have a nice day!


Hello Christmas is tomorrow and it is obviously Christmas Eve today! I am very excited because I have a lot of family members coming to our house for Christmas! I am excited to see what I get and very excited to see family and what they think of the gifts I got them! Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

Hello Dad

Hi dad its me julian, I’m feeling frustrated at school and here at home. Lets start with school. Im in the fifth grade now and its tough. Reading and Writing is my least favorite and then comes Science and Social studies. Then lets not forget about my favorite subject MATH. Reading and writing is tough because I’m in advanced and its really hard, I have a hard enough time finishing essays and projects and Reading my book, but to put the icing on top I have a homework packet each week due friday that i get first thing I get to school monday. Lets move on to Science and Social studies, I have homework due the next day usually and isn’t that bad. But sometimes i feel like I’m gonna die. The work i do in class is  pretty easy going but sometimes i feel i didn’t know what I’m doing and i will to bad on a test or quiz. right now I’m doing electricity and magnets. Now lets talk math, same thing i get homework most every week thats then due friday. I feel i am a little advanced sometimes but also we do fun stuff like jeopardy and math quizes online at a website called

Now lets talk home. I wish i could live back on bainbridge but I’m starting to like it here now. I miss the pool above our house and i miss all my friends. I miss the workers at island cool i could talk to and sometimes help behind the counter and every once in a while get a free sample. I miss sitting in the lifeguard chair at the pool, i miss hanging out with the lifeguards in the life guard room and the workers in the snack shack. I miss riding my bike to lytle beach and skipping rocks into the puget sound. I miss soccer at school and riding the bus. I miss the last day at before the pool closed and i could put all the lifeguard noodles or as i liked to call them Twizzlers like the candy, but i got to put the all the Twizzlers in the pool and play with all my friends and have a chicken fight. I miss riding my skateboard to the pool everyday when i wake up and playing pingpong with the lifeguards. I never won but thats beside the point. Here i feel i have nothing to do but take a bike ride or play on the computer. Now that you took away a game that i loved to play on steam i feel even more bored. Now that you work at dell and every saturday night at the restaurant, i feel bored and with mom working a job again after 2 years I feel extremely bored so i get on the computer. I need more to do around here when your not home.

hello world

i went to a party the other day for a chilli cook off and it was pretty fun. I’ve been pretty bored around the house and for that reason im trying to convince my parents to get a one wheel because my dad said he would if he got a job on canton street and he did but no one wheel for me and im trying to get a skateramp in our backyard so i have something i really love to do right in my backyard i can do by my self at any time. I am excited to build our new house because i hope i will have a big room with a pool i was promised in the backyard. I have made some friends. writing in school is very hard for me and i have it for 2 hours a day first thing when i get to school. next year i will be somewhere else at crabapple where my sister goes to school. I don’t want to go because of how bad she says it is. I hope i can do a two day a week school or homeschool because crabapple sounds awful. See ya next time in julians not so paradise.