thoughts on the plane

Mid way thru the flight after a long rain delay. Jules and Steph across the aisle from me. I watched Brazil which on a screen of this size does it no justice. Might as well catch up on writing. Good a time as any.

Jules had a great 11th grade year. Feeling all too real how our time with him is fleeting. Sophia had a setback in Texas. She did no harm. But it was a reality check in her journey toward sobriety. Steph is about a month out from being done at work. Still making hires till the bitter end. Then bye-bye IBM. Irene turned 75 recently. That’s basically the catalyst for this trip. We’re going to have a family dinner when we get in tonight to celebrate. Adam just graduated from law school. Next up is the BAR exam. So probably won’t be hanging out much with him this trip. Aunt Enid is even in town. She’s made a strong recovery from some intensive surgeries and she’s always been such a dear person in our lives. Maria, Makaila and Sienna will be there too of course. Justin and fam will coming to Atlanta to spend a week with us later this summer. We’ll likey take them up to North Carolina to meet mamoo and papoo. And maybe ride some wheelers with Julian. Congrats are soon in order to Makaila who is 13 and about to be called to the Torah as a bat mitvah. Honestly, feeling very fortunate to belong to such an awesome family.

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