In North Carolina

I just got to NorthCarolina on June 24 and have been to the peanut shack a lot they have in my opinion the best peanuts in the country and I went to a cow sale, farming is a really big hobby in NorthCarolina and at the cow sale we saw the people bid on cows and we heard the person saying the bids and like the prices they bid on and he talked really really really fast u could not understand him at all except for a couple numbers literally. And we have our own 4wheeler here and by the way this is where my grandparents live and a treehouse and I will post a picture of the 4wheeler tomorrow.

One thought on “In North Carolina”

  1. Your writing is so expressive Julian!
    From Florence, Itlay to the farms of North Carolina, you sure are immersing yourself in diverse cultures this summer. I’m really pleased how you’re capturing moments like these.

    I can’t wait to see the 4wheeler pic(s) you post!

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