car accident

we’re back from a great trip to Michigan. But what I really want to write about is the car accident Jules got in with my car this morning. I wasn’t there. Steph was. And the actual details don’t matter much. Save for no no one was hurt. And no other car was even involved. Sounds like he simply hit a wall in close quarters trying to get out of a parking lot.
that to say I didn’t take it well. almost like I’m the one who needs to apologize. I think it’s ok to show emotion. Whether that’s being mad or upset or frustrated. But it didn’t leave any room for Jules to express how he was feeling. Which I’m sure was ultra sad. Remorseful. Sheepish. And probably really scared. Of me and my reactions truth be told.

which is total opposite of what we both need

I’m sorry this happened to you son. I know you didn’t mean it. You are and remain an excellent driver. I’m glad mom was with you today. And thank you for getting the estimate. We’ll talk it all thru later. But for now, I love you so much and just wanted to put it in words.

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