busy days ahead

We’ve got lots going on the home front lately. Robin just left back after a really nice visit. Steph’s last official day at work is today. Woo-hoo 🙌 babe. I just proofread her already well written farewell note. On Friday, Jules has his exhilarating Porsche driving experience. He’s bringing his friend, Zack, which reminds me I’ll have to talk to them about this motorcycle idea of theirs! Also on Friday, right after the racing, Sophia is coming to town for her court date next week. They dropped her charges to misdemeanor (yay!) but she still has to show up and hear the judges sentence in person. Timing is perfect though as she’ll stay thru Father’s Day. To celebrate, we’re going to the Dachshund races with Remy and Chai. Mamoo and Papoo are going to meet us there. Should be a riot. Looking out a little further to next week, we’re all set for the 5 day Michigan trip with our friends Mitch and Sally. And if that wasn’t enough, Steph is getting the whole house pressure washed while we’re away.

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