travel plans

Booking a couple exciting trips. The first is to Detroit. Steph and I are going with another Roswell couple that are very familiar with the area. In fact, they even have access to a lake house so we’ll be splitting our time between the motor city and mackinac area. Should be a blast.

The second trip is a bit more involved. A bunch of my European Dell colleagues are all meeting in Barcelona later in September. My old boss Hans-Juergen is traveling in from Germany as is my current boss whom I’ve never even met. He lives in the Chicago-land area. It’s not a company sanctioned event by any means, but after so many years of being remote and globally dispersed, I think we all don’t mind spending a bit of our own money to get together and foster relations.

As it turns out, Steph has been trying to secure a Portugal trip with our dear friend and the kids first nanny, Diana. She’s Colombian. She and her family left the US for Toronto almost 20 years ago when Trump took office. And thru all these years, with lots of ups and downs, they’ve stayed close. Diana is now turning 40 and has pursued advanced degrees in clinical work. And with Steph about to embark on the new found freedom of retirement, it’s a great opportunity for them to get together and celebrate.

So between me and the ladies, and me and my colleagues, bouncing between Portugal and Spain should be a blast as well.

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