Money 💰

We switched to a new financial advisor earlier this week. Not that Mike was negligent or underperforming. But he’s kind of a bygone from our early days in Atlanta and so much in our family dynamic has changed since then. Plus he’s got to be going on about 80 by now.

I think it was mostly inertia and a fairly hands-off approach to investing that kept me from switching earlier. But it’s finally time to have a fresh set of eyes on things; mine included. Terry is a local island friend; and he exudes credibility and prowess in managing money for a living.

I also see him at the casino from time to time where he’s usually the big winner at high stakes Omaha.  So at least I feel comfortable with him in that regard. 😜

Anyway, here’s to financial planning and diversification and expectation that Terry will help us gamble (I mean invest) wisely with our own money.💸

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